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Helicopter Simulator

Our newly revitalised and cutting-edge helicopter simulator is designed to elevate your training experience to new heights.

Embark on an unparalleled journey as you take your place in the pilot's seat of an array of helicopters, thanks to our versatile simulator that showcases:

Cockpit Variety
Experience the thrill of flying various helicopter models, from the Robinson R44 and iconic Bell 206 to the Leonardo AW109 and Airbus H135.

Authentic Controls
Feel the realism of lifelike instrumentation, switches, and controls meticulously replicated to mirror those found in the actual aircraft, providing an immersive training environment.

All-Weather Flying
Master the skies in any conditions with our simulator's ability to replicate adverse weather scenarios, from bright sunny days to challenging storms and even nighttime flights.

Onshore and Offshore Modules
Specialised modules cater to both onshore and offshore operations, offering training in critical skills such as oil rig and hospital landings.

Versatile Training Tool
Designed as a non-motion flight training tool, our simulator is a versatile asset for mastering a multitude of scenarios, including full engine-off procedures, low-level flying in poor weather, inadvertent IMC encounters, and multi-role training.

High Definition
Immerse yourself in the highest definition visuals available on the market, ensuring a realistic and captivating training experience.

For more information or to book your training session, contact us today.

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Email: training@sloanehelicopters.com