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Instrument Rating - IR(H)

Our Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT II) is a non-motion simulator for training the procedural elements of the Instrument Rating (H) course. The flight training simulator allows Sloane to teach procedures in a wide variety of simulated weather conditions and scenarios.

In accordance with EASA PART FCL, the IR(H) (Instrument Rating Course) consists of a minimum of 40 hours simulator training and a minimum of 10 hours flight training in a Leonardo AW109. Before the aircraft flying phase of the course, applicants must hold a Leonardo AW109 Type Rating qualification. If required, Sloane can provide this training.

Minimum requirements for applicants attending an IR(H) course include holding a PPL(H) with a night qualification, or a valid CPL(H). Applicants must also have passed theoretical knowledge examinations in a number of subjects. If the AW109 is the applicants first multi engine type, they must also hold an ATPL(H) of equivalent exam passes.

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Instrument Rating - IR(H) — Course Syllabus


  • An applicant must be medically fit in accordance with EASA PAR FCL.
  • An applicant must be the holder of a PPL(H) with a night qualification, or a CPL(H).
  • An applicant must be the holder of the helicopter Type Rating used for the IR(H) skill test(prior to the aircraft flying phase).
  • An applicant must hold a Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence.
  • An applicant must have 50 hours cross-country flight time as Pilot in Command, of which 10 hours must be in helicopters.


License Validity: 

  • The issue of the EASA PART FCL IR(H) is valid for a period of 12 months


Theoretical IR (H) Exams:

  • Air Law and Operational Procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Radiotelephony Communications (IFR)