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Flight Discovery Day

A Flight Discovery Day is ideal for those who wish to experience a more involved day of helicopter flying than a basic Trial Lesson.

The day encompasses the first two lessons on the PPL(H) syllabus, including the pre-flight briefings and can be logged as part of any continued training.

The first flight is a basic familiarisation flight which then moves on to cover “further effects of the controls”. This is designed to improve your understanding of the aircraft and how to manipulate the controls to gain the desired effect.

After a break “Speed and Power Changes” will be discussed in the classroom and will then be flown. This will improve the pilot’s understanding of the aircraft and will also increase the accuracy of flying required from a pilot.

Both flights will be completed with a brief hover exercise which is an essential skill for helicopter flying and requires a deft touch. Another vital skill is the autorotation, which is the helicopter equivalent of gliding. Your instructor will demonstrate how to control the helicopter and land safely without the use of engine power.

During the day your instructor will try to give you as much flying experience as possible, whilst ensuring you do not become too overloaded.

As the day draws to a close you will have a sound idea of what it feels like to pilot a helicopter and what will be required should you decide to continue with your flight training.


Flight Discovery Day — Course Syllabus