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Additional Courses

Sloane Helicopters offer a number of additional flight training courses, detailed below, that are designed to further both a pilots understanding and flying abilities.

Mountain Flying Training

Our mountain flying training takes place in suitable areas such as Snowdonia. Mountain flying can be challenging even for the most experienced pilots and these courses provide a better understanding of weather implications that can be found around areas of higher terrain while also teaching the correct techniques to remain safe when conducting flights within those areas.

London Helicopter Route Training

We are able to offer individual London helicopter route training days that are designed to allow a pilot to gain experience flying along The River Thames and over Heathrow Airport. The flight teaches pilots how to manage the increased workload involved with flying within controlled airspace while navigating the mandatory heliroutes through London. As Sloane Helicopters is situated to the north of Luton Airport a VFR transit through their overhead en route to Heathrow’s zone will normally warm a pilot up nicely for the main event.

Advanced Training

We can also offer advanced training for pilots who would like to practice the procedures required during flight in normal and abnormal conditions, including confined area techniques, downwind manoeuvres, emergency procedures, autorotations, engine off landings and forced landings. We can easily tailor a half or full days flying to individuals’ requests, or we can offer structured day packages depending on the pilots experience and needs.


From time to time the Sloane Helicopters Flying School will organise excursion flights to various interesting destinations within the UK and Europe, please keep a look out for further information in the near future. Such destinations have included Grimsthorpe Castle, Caernarfon , the Paris Helilanes and even trips to Mallorca.


Additional Courses — Course Syllabus