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Trial Helicopter Lesson

Sloane Helicopters can offer you the unique experience of taking the controls of a Robinson R22, R44 or R66 helicopter.

A Trial Lesson is normally the first step towards gaining a PPL(H) licence but is also enjoyed by many as a one off experience and is an ideal gift for a loved one or for a special occasion. If you do make the decision to continue with your flight training, the Trial Lesson can be logged as part of your continued training.

  • 30 minute R22 Trial Lesson - £190
  • 60 minute R22 Trial Lesson - £350
  • 30 minute R44 Trial Lesson - £320
  • 60 minute R44 Trial Lesson - £595

A Trial Lesson begins with a meet and greet from your instructor who will look after you for the duration of the lesson. This will be followed by a pre-flight briefing covering some of the basic principles of flight and how the flying controls work. This will provide you with a sufficient amount of understanding for you to take control when the time arrives.

After the ground briefing, you will be escorted to the aircraft for a safety brief and to get seated in the helicopter. The instructor will start up the helicopter and depart into the local area with you “following through” on the controls. Once comfortable, you will be invited to take control of the helicopter and carry out some basic manoeuvres as the handling pilot.

During the flight, your instructor can also demonstrate some of the distinguishing characteristics of helicopter flying such as hovering, sideways and backwards flight and could possibly demonstrate flight without the use of engine power known as “autorotation”.

Once you have landed back at base and the helicopter is shut down, it will be difficult to remove the smile from your face as you receive your certificate for successfully completing your first helicopter flying lesson.

To avoid disappointment customers are asked to please note that there is a weight restriction imposed on the aircraft by the manufacturer. In the R22 the maximum seat weight is 240lbs (17 stone) and the upper limit for both the R44 and R66 is 300lbs (21 stone).


Trial Helicopter Lesson — Course Syllabus