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Type Rating Courses

If you wish to train on other helicopter types, want to carry more passengers, or are looking for increased speed and comfort; Sloane can provide specific Type Rating training on a range of helicopter types including:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66
  • Leonardo AW109E Power
  • Leonardo AW109S Grand
  • Leonardo AW109SP GrandNew

Each Type Rating course consists of a period of theoretical and flight training plus a test. We pride ourselves in providing both quality and quantity, and consequently, our courses require a minimum of five hours flight training for single engine ratings or a subsequent twin engine rating, and eight hours flight training for an initial twin engine rating.

The amount of time that you will require depends very much on individual experience.

We also provide a "difference" course between the Leonardo AW109E, AW109S and AW109SP helicopters, subject to the relevant Type Ratings held.

Our objective is simple - to ensure that you are prepared for your test and that you are ready to fly the new aircraft type safely and with confidence.


Type Rating Courses — Course Syllabus


  • An applicant must provide evidence of having completed a course of training at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), such as Sloane Helicopters.
  • An applicant must have passed a Licensing Skills Test (ST) conducted by an authorised Type Rating Examiner (TRE).
  • An applicant must have passed a theoretical knowledge written exam as part of the course.